Shampoo soap base (Syndopour 200-MB)

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    Syndopour 200-MB is a Melt & Pour syndet base which is ultra-mild, with high foaming properties and 100% soap-free.

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    As a revolutionary Melt & Pour syndet base, Syndopour 200-MB is designed to help consumers conserve water, reduce their carbon footprint, and reduce the use of plastics, as it can be packaged in card cartons or wrapped in recyclable paper. Syndopour 200-MB is milder and kinder on different skin types through its balanced pH formulation. In addition to its gentle cleansing properties, it is entirely free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) and is vegan friendly.  

    Syndopour 200-MB allows our customers and artisans to create soap free syndet bars from this dermatologically tested base and use them for various applications, including facial skincare and shampoo bars tailored to sensitive skin and scalps, unlike a traditional glycerine soap. Other applications include moisturising shave bars and solid beauty bars.  

    This soap base must be melted at 80 degrees Celcius. Once the base is molten, additives such as fragrance, colour and any additional hair care agents can be added to customise the base. Simply add the chosen additives to the molten product and mix to ensure even distribution. It is recommended that the level of additives included is up to 3 % maximum. This level would include up to 2 % fragrance. 

    Pour the molten product into a mould and allow to set.Once unmoulded, the base will continue to harden overnight. Once hard, package as required. 

    Due to the glycerin present in the base, this base can be prone to sweating.

    Tip! Color your shampoos using our Water Colorants for soap.

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