Silicone Catalyst

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    Silicone Catalyst

    For creating your own silicone molds.

    In liquid form. 50gr packaging.

    Silicone is sold separately. Click here.


    Clarifications - Instructions:

    Catalyst Usage Rate: 5% (5gr of catalyst are required for 100gr of silicone).

    Using less catalyst will prevent the mold from hardening.

    Using more catalyst will make the mold stiff.

    If the silicone isn’t well mixed with the catalyst, there is a possibility that some parts of the mold will remain fluid.

    Be very attentive to the way you cast the silicone mixture into the model. Pour the silicone from high up, and break the bubbles that may form, using a needle or a wooden stick.

    Pigment Usage Rate: 1%

    Stir thoroughly until all ingredients (silicone - pigment - catalyst) are completely blended together.

    Temperature conditions: If the temperature is high, (during summer), the catalyst percentage should be 5%, as the mixture will coagulate very quickly.

    Catalyst exposure to air: The catalyst shouldn’t be exposed to air for long periods, as this will cause crystal formation and dryness. Immediately close the package after using the catalyst.

    Silicone mold exposure to sunlight: Is not recommended as the mold may get distorted.

    Once a silicone mold is warped, it won’t return to its original shape, and there is no way of fixing it. Therefore, special attention is required during production and storage.

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