The products you purchase from Orestis Craft Center are accompanied by a series of necessary documents.

1) A chemical analysis document (CoA) which changes with each batch (lot) and
2) The Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) containing information on product handling, protection measures, some characteristics, INCI and CAS number.
3) In particular, perfumes and flavoroils are accompanied by an allergen analysis document and a IFRA certificate, stating the maximum permissible percentage for each production.
Please send us a detailed list at with the product name and the lot number as indicated on the label, if you wish to get the relevant documents of your products.

Caustic soda and caustic potash are irritants and should be used with special care. You should wear gloves and eye protection. If they come in contact with your skin rinse with plenty of water and vinegar.  Keep them out of the reach of kids.
Essential oils are highly concentrated and very potent substances. Any use should always be done wisely and by following the use instructions and indications/contraindications of each oil. It is prohibited to use them directly on the skin (except as expressly stated) and to ingest them.
Do not apply them in the mucosa, eyes, or around the eyes. If they come in contact with your body, rinse with vegetable oil and call your doctor.
Attention should be applied when used by pregnant women
Please consult the use instructions. Keep it out of the reach of kids.

Herbal extracts, active ingredients and vitamins should not be applied directly on the skin.
Poisoning Center Tel: 210 77 93 777
No responsibility lies with the company Orestis Craft Center for product misuse.