Base gel

    Base gel

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    A simple ready to use gel base.

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    A simple gel base that can be used as any cosmetics base (e.g. base cream, aloe vera gel).

    It is not already enriched, so you can easily personify it according to your needs.
    You can add up to 10% extra ingredients, such as actives, oils, fragrance, color or extracts.

    You may use it as the ideal base for creating a simple hand sanitizing gel by adding 60% alcohol.

    We suggest that you use this gel base for creating body scrubs by adding various scrubbing agents, or after sun gels, foot toning gels etc.

    Recipe for 100 gr of Hand Sanitizing Gel

    60 gr Alcohol

    40 gr Gel base

    0.5 gr Marine Fresh 3 in 1 fragrance

    1 drop Water Color Turquoise

    In a suitable and sterilized container mix all ingredients together until a homogenized gel is formed. Pour in bottle and use immediately.

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