In this category you can find aromatic suggestions for all tastes and formulations. Choose among classic or more special scents.

Important announcement:

Fragrances have complex structures. They are consisting of natural and synthetic aromatic raw ingredients and solvents. Depending on their formula, which is secret and copyright-protected by each manufacturer, they can be used in specific formulations.

As fragrance sellers, prior to the introduction of a new fragrance in our store, we perform some specific tests in order to facilitate your choice by providing the "fragrance table".

Unfortunately, due to the fragrance’s complexity, its performance can be affected, and its behavior can alter, depending the batch. Each new batch meets the technical specifications of the previous one, however, we are unable to know whether there has been a change in the original raw ingredients by the manufacturer.

Apart from that, an alteration of the recipe we want to incorporate it into, or even the utensils we use, can affect the fragrance. It is always recommended to perform a small scale test of the formulation you are interested in. Laboratory tests and larger scale tests always have different results.

Lilac 3in1


Fantastic new spring fragrance!

  • New

Kourabies 3in1


The famous italian cake now available in a fragrance oil!


    Panettone 3in1


    The famous italian cake now available in a fragrance oil!

      Bread 3in


      It's just like that, a freshly baked loaf of bread!