Every product in our shop or on-line shop is accompanied by the relevant documents where the technical data and material safety data sheets are written for consulting in case of accident. Also, the certificate of analysis for each batch that mentions any changes in the physicochemical characteristics i.e. Ph, color, smell, appearance, viscosity etc.

Based on these documents we undertake in our laboratories all relevant tests before importing a new material to allow us to suggest many different formulations and applications and find solutions to technical issues that may arise.

In any case we strongly recommend that you test the material in the conditions of your house or laboratory.

On the product label you will find the official name, batch number, date of expiry to allow you to choose having at your disposal the maximum possible information. In the description of the product on our e-shop the official name is mentioned with accuracy and reliability.

In case the expiry date is due, we have the possibility to reevaluate it to extend the lifetime of the material whenever this is possible. In any case the materials must be stored under normal conditions of storage. This extension can be given a month before expiry and no closer. Following the confirmation from the suppliers of the materials the expiry dates are indicative to secure a reasonable time period of safe use.

We point out that the vegetable and essential oils are from standard and/or sustainable crops, and we take care that our products are from vegetable sources with minimum processing. It is normal that with some materials we notice differences in color, clarity, texture depending on ambient temperature and the formation of crystals or sediments at winter temperatures.

We select well known reputable suppliers in order to have all the necessary documentation and controls and the prices relate to the quality.

We insist that the materials are bought from the primary source to avoid any inferior copies. Our policy is to favor small and local suppliers provided they possess the documentation required.

Our company maintains long-term relations with reputable suppliers of fragrances and raw materials form abroad and local with the appropriate accreditations.

We are committed to the best quality of the materials that we supply to the Greek and European markets and our team of partners is always at the disposal of the consumer for information relating to their proper use.

Dear customers

We would like to inform you of some important developments introduced by the new regulatory framework that updated the European legislation relating to the categorization, labelling and packaging of the substances and mixtures to streamline with scientific developments concerning the safety of the consumers.

On 11 august 2020 the regulation EE 2020/1182 was published. The substance p-BMHCA (lilial/lysmeral) that was used in the production of a number of fragrances is classed in annex VI as toxic (cancerogenic). The EU commission will include this substance in CMR omnibus act IV in order to incorporate it to annex II (list of prohibited substances in cosmetics) of regulation 1223/2009.

The p-BMCA will be banned for use in cosmetic products in the EU as of March1st 2022. Because of these amendments of the regulations the fragrance companies with which Orestis craft center is cooperating have decided to remove this substance from their compositions initiating a short-term plan to substitute this material. The substitution was performed gradually until the final deadlinefor compliance with the regulation.

The substitution will be undertaken with materials selected by the expert perfumers as the most suitable for each formulation and as close as possible to the required odor. It is possible that some of the fragrances you were used to purchase will change during the process described above in terms of the smell and the properties in each application (intensity, color)

Our technical support department and the sales are at your disposal to support you and inform you of any eventual changes per fragrance.